Do you live overseas and want to buy KING55´brand ?

Do you live overseas and want to buy KING55´brand ?


Yeap!!! here you can!


Our website does not make freight calculations for another countries, but as we are "very dear" about our great service at YELP, we will guide you and make you have the brand products!


1- You should send an e-mail to, indicating which products you want to buy and the right size in your Country. Depending on the product you choose, we can give to you the support for size and modeling.

  • Please check the size chart for shoe size.

Follows below:


2 - Send to us your complete zip code to calculate the transfer rate with the converted values in your currency.


3 - We will respond you during our expedition from Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm.


4 - You can also find our products in some  Online addresses in Europe and USA, Check it out: , NYC address , address of berlin , in Melbourne


5 - King55 already has a history of sending to a customers in other Countries like USA ( California ) , UK ( Manchester )  and Germany. Come join us and meet the most complete Vegan Brand in the world!! ;-)

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